P. 4

Relays, Contactors, Solenoids, and
                     Power Distribution

                                        KILOVAC Lightweight Contactors                   HARTMAN and Wilmar Sensors,
                                        Designed to Switch up to 1000 Vdc                Monitors and Protective Relays
                                        and 1000 A
                                                                                         •   Overcurrent, undercurrent
                                        •  Interrupt currents up to 3300 A                 and over/undercurrent sensors
                                        •   Voltage isolation from 5 to                    and indicators
                                         1800 Vdc                                        •   Overvoltage, undervoltage
                                        •   One-or two-pole models with                    and over/undervoltage sensors
                                         normally open or normally closed                  and monitors
                                         main contacts                                   •   Overfrequency, under frequency
                                        •   Non-position sensitive,                        and over/underfrequency
                                         hermetically sealed models for                    sensors
                                         side or bottom mounting                         •   Phase loss/rotation sensors and
                                        •   Available with a variety of                    ground power monitors
                                         auxiliary contact arrangements                  •   Time delay versions available
                                        •  Latching and non-latching types               •   Smart Contactors—RCCB,
                                                                                           RPC & ELCU versions
                                        HARTMAN Lightweight                              CII Custom-Designed,
                                        28 Vdc Contactors                                Linear Motion, Tubular
                                        •  Main contact ratings to 1000 A                High-Performance Solenoids
                                        •   Available with a variety of                  •   From 0.5” (12.7 mm) diameter
                                         auxiliary contact arrangements                    models producing only a
                                        •   SPST and SPDT main                             few ounces
                                         contact forms                                     (<1 N) of force at very short
                                        •   Standard, reverse current, and                 strokes, to 3” (76.2 mm)
                                         automatic dropout types                           diameter models capable of 100
                                        •   Hermetically or gasket-sealed                  lb (445 N) force at 1”
                                         IP67 models in conventional or                    (25.4 mm) strokes
                                         bus bar mounting versions                       •   Push, pull or combination
                                        •                                                  motion is available
                                         current sensing                                 •   Broad range of coil, termination,
                                                                                           plunger options

                                        HARTMAN DC Contactors for                        AGASTAT Time Delay Relays
                                        Space Applications                               and Sensors
                                        •   Lightweight construction                     •   Solid-state timing circuitry
                                         with hermetically sealed panel                    with either electromechanical
                                         mount enclosure                                   or solid state output
                                        •   Main contact ratings of 100 A                •    Sensors for voltage, frequency
                                         at 28 Vdc or 35 Vdc                               or phase
                                        •   Main contact arrangements                    •
                                         to 2PDT, double break                             variety of enclosures and
                                        •   2PDT auxiliary contacts                        mounting options
                                        •                                                •    Customized models available
                                         latching design with                              with tighter timing or
                                         self-deenergizing coil                            sensing tolerance

                                        HARTMAN AC Contactors                            Rotary Relays for
                                        •   Main contact ratings to 800 A;               High Shock and Vibration
                                         arrangements to 4PDT                            Naval Applications
                                        •   Available with a variety of                  •   Contacts will not chatter
                                         auxiliary contact arrangements                    when relay is subjected to
                                        •   Side stable, latching and                      2000 ft-lb. shock blows
                                                                                         •   Panel mount relays are
                                        •   Hermetically or gasket sealed                  often used aboard combat
                                        •   More compact, lighter                          naval vessels
                                         weight models as well as                        •   Contact arrangements from
                                         traditional designs                               4PDT up through 24PDT
                                        •   Bus bar mount versions                       •   Rated to carry maximum
                                         available                                         currents of up to 10 A
                                                                                         •   AC and DC coils

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