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                Relays, Contactors, Solenoids, and Power Distribution

                TE Connectivity (TE) high-performance relays, contactors and switches are designed
                specifically to operate in extremely rigorous environments in military and aerospace

                highly specialized, and custom-designed products. These high-performance products are
                designed to withstand extreme shock, vibration, temperature and altitude.

                Brands You Trust                                Relays
                Among our portfolio are some of the more        TE’s high-performance relays are designed to
                respected brands in the high performance        perform reliably in extremely rigorous environments
                switching industry:                             in military and aerospace applications. Our balanced
                                                                force design provides the benefits of consistently
                •  CII military and aerospace relays, sensors and   high contact pressure, reduced bounce and less
                  custom solenoids
                                                                arching, helping to lead to extended contact life.
                •  HARTMAN aerospace power relays, contactors,
                  sensors and power distribution units          Contactors
                                                                TE delivers the switching performance demanded
                •  KILOVAC high voltage relays, contactors, protective
                  relays and power distribution units           by aerospace and defense applications with our

                This brochure provides an overview of our       current ratings up to 1000 A and voltages up to 1800
                product line. It includes products with switching   VDC in very compact, sealed packages.
                capabilities from dry circuit up through 1000 A.
                Some relays are capable of switching up to 6 GHz   Solenoids
                signals, while others can handle voltages up to    Our solenoids are also designed and manufactured
                70 kV. Other types combine solid-state circuits with   on a custom basis to precisely meet your
                electromechanical or solid state outputs to create   demanding high-performance actuation
                timers, sensors, monitors and controllers. And they
                are specifically designed for operation in extremes   termination and plunger options, and push, pull
                of temperature, shock, vibration and altitude.  and combination motion is available.

                                                                Power Distribution
                                                                HARTMAN AC and DC power distribution units
                                                                (PDUs) and KILOVAC HVDC PDUs are designed, built
                                                                and qualified to meet your specific requirements,
                                                                serving the commercial and military industries.

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