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Save Space                                            Save Money

          TE’s thin-wall technology can save as much as 40% in cable   C-Lite cable thin-wall technology reduces installed costs up to
          trays. Such savings result in smaller trays, more cables per tray,   15%. Not only do the reduced size and weight make installation
          lighter supports, and smaller cable glands. And higher   faster and easier, but additional savings are realized through the
          temperature ratings mean higher current densities, increased   use of smaller, lighter trays, racks, and other cable management
          safety, and long-term reliability.                    hardware. What’s more, resistance to hot diesel fuels, oils,
                                                                grease, drilling fluids, and mechanical abuse means long-term
                                                                reliability and lower maintenance costs.

                                     Cable trays                         A typical saving in the cable
                                                                        tray volume can exceed 40%

                                     Transits                              Over 40% savings in area

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