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IFE and Cabin Systems


                            High-Speed Copper Cable                          Raychem Cheminax
                            Rugged Choices                                   Coaxial Cable
                            •   Material choices to match                    High Performance
                             application requirements                        •   Lightweight, small size,
                            •   Shielded and unshielded                        highly flexible
                            •   Low-smoke, zero-halogen (LSZH)               •    Low capacitance and
                             versions to help increase safety                  attenuation
                            High-Speed Protocols                             •   High velocity of propagation
                            •   Configurations to support                     Adaptable
                             various Ethernet, Quadrax, IEEE                 •   Suitable for demanding video
                             1394, USB, etc.                                   and RF applications

                            Fiber Optic Cable ARINC 802                      Harnessing Components
                            Versatile                                        Hazard Matched
                            •   Single mode and multimode fibers              •   Complete product suites
                            •   Loose-tube and                                 matched to application needs
                                                                             •   Tubing molded parts,
                                                                               adhesives, backshells, and
                            Flight Ready                                       insulation/jacketing materials
                            •   Low smoke, low toxicity materials            •   Flame-retarded, flame-
                            •   Meet FAR 25 requirements                       resistant, and LSZH solutions
                            •    Usable in pressurized or
                             unpressurized spaces                            Space and Weight Savings
                                                                             •   Thin-wall insulation and
                                                                               composite materials
                            Raychem Multicore Cables                         RF Cable Assemblies
                            Light Weight and                                 Comprehensive Selection
                            Highly Durable                                   •   Wide range of standard,
                            •   Industry-standard components                   subminiature, and
                            •    Designed to meet your specific                 microminiature interfaces
                             application needs                                 and frequencies
                            •    Signal, power, RF, high-speed               •    Ergonomic designs for easy
                             digital, and optical conductors                   connection/disconnection
                                                                             •    Qualified to MIL-PRF-39012,
                                                                               MIL-DTL-83517, MIL-PRF-55339

          MiniMRP                                           Antennas
          ARINC 836                                         Convenient
          Modular                Compact, Light Weight      •   Low-profile conformal
          •   Designed for       •  Aluminum or composite     designs
            distributed architectures •   Overall weight and    •   Support for wide variety
          •   Compatible with      space savings              of protocols
            EN4165 modules
          •   High level of                                 •   Can be embedded in
            design flexibility                                 composite enclosures

          Composite Enclosures                              Composite ARINC 600 Tray
          Weight-Saving Rugged    Customizable              More Choice
          Performance           •   Conductive composites   •   Standard sizes and
          •   Light weight —      and plating options for     customizable features
            up to 40% lighter     grounding/EMI shielding     available
            than aluminum       •    Highly customizable with   •   Lightweight hold-downs
          •   Extremely rugged and   integrated wire traces,
            corrosion resistant    antennas, and connectors

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