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IFE and Cabin Systems


                               Raychem AS85049 Backshells                       DEUTSCH Micro-D Series
                               and Band Straps                                  Connectors
                               Rugged Reliability                               MIL-DTL-83513
                               •   High reliability under vibration             Space and Weight Savings
                               •   Side entry for easier installation           •   High-density microminiature
                                 and repair                                      connectors
                               • Corrosion-resistant steel bands                •    Aluminum shells plated in
                               Flexible Choices                                  nickel or cadmium
                               •  Three strap widths                            Flexible
                               •   Straight, 45°, and 90°                       •   Available prewired or with
                                 backshells                                      separate crimp contacts

                              DEUTSCH Wildcat 38999                             Fiber Optic Connectors
                              Series Connectors                                 Comprehensive Choices
                              High Density                                      •   Rectangular or
                              •   Higher density than equivalent                 circular formats
                                38999 Series III connectors                     •    Precision ceramic ferrule,
                              •   Five shell sizes, up to                        expanded beam, or
                                118 contacts                                     MT interfaces
                              Reliability                                       High Performance
                              •   Extreme temperature, vibration,               •   Low insertion loss and
                                and corrosion resistance                         return loss
                              •   Accepts standard 38999
                                backshells and accessories
                              CeeLok FAS-X Connectors                           DEUTSCH ABC In-Line
                              Fast and Quiet                                    Series Connectors
                              •   Supports 10G Ethernet                         Weight and Space Savings
                              •   Design optimized for signal                   •   Strong, lightweight composite
                                integrity with excellent                        •    Stackable and panel
                                impedance matching and                           mountable
                                virtually no crosstalk                          Sealed for Reliability
                              Compatible                                        •   Interfacial and wire seals
                              •   Uses standard crimp                           •   24 to 12 AWG wire range
                                AS39029 contacts
                              •    Allows fast field termination
                                and repair

                              GAIN Galley Connectors                            DEUTSCH Wildcat Micro
                              ARINC 800P2                                       Series Connectors
                              Flexible                                          For Size- and Weight-Critical
                              •   Signal, power, and                            Applications
                                twinax contacts                                 •   3, 5, or 9 contacts in two
                              •  Blindmateable                                   shell sizes
                              Durable                                           •   Lightweight aluminum shells
                              •   500-mating-cycle                              •    Bayonet or threaded coupling


                              RF-over-Fiber Modules                             MCUBE Transceivers
                              Capable                                           High Performance
                              •  DFB, DWDM, or CWDM lasers                      •  Performance to 3 Gb/s
                              •   Ultra wideband: 1 kHz to                      Space-Saving Size
                                4.2 GHz                                         •  Miniature cube
                              Versatile                                         •  Horizontal or vertical mount
                              •   Compact board-mount                           Versatile Options
                                modules: only 65 x 40 x 16 mm                   •   Fabry-Perot lasers for discrete
                              •    Plug-in modules for                           single channel per fiber
                                our SuperChassis platform                       •   Distributed feedback CWDM
                              •    Single transmitter or                         lasers for multiplexing up to
                                receiver converters                              18 channels per fiber

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