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Enable the Connected Passenger

                                            Size and Weight Reduction

                                            Save space, reduce weight, and increase reliability easily with our broad
                                            range of connectors. Each is designed to install faster and easier, perform
                                            better, and increase in-cabin capabilities from seat to galley for greater

                                            Helping You Reduce Costs
                                            Reduce overall costs by working with TE Connectivity (TE). From shorter
                                            lead times and just-in-time delivery, we can make program planning

                                            performance, and easier installation. Integrated solutions—such as cable
                                            harnesses, power distribution panels, and composite enclosures—decrease
                                            installation costs by giving you plug-and-go products built and tested to
                                            the highest standards.

                                            High-Speed Bandwidth Management
                                            Give passengers the power and convenience of high-speed networks—
                                            from flexible and capable in-flight entertainment systems to high-speed

                                            reliable Gigabit Ethernet—and even 10G Ethernet for high-performance
                                            backbones. With interconnection solutions based on BAC, EN and
                                            ARINC standards and GbE standards, we’ll help you eliminate bottlenecks
                                            and give passengers access to the convenience of being connected.
                                            Connecting Passengers to Convenience
                                            •  Passenger Service and Control Units
                                            •  Lighting and Window Dimming
                                            •  Galley and Emergency Systems
                                            •  IFE Distribution and Control
                                            •  Screen and Connectivity Ports
                                            •  Seat Power and Actuation

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