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               Composite Feedthrough

               D-EASY Fast and Flexible, Reliable and Modular Solution

                                                   The  D-EASY  modular  composite  feedthrough  from
                                                   TE Connectivity (TE) was designed as the composite evolution
                                                   of  two-part  metallic  feedthrough  components.  Saving
                                                   installation time and reducing weight, the D-EASY modular
                                                   feedthrough system is approved and standardized by leading
                                                   aircraft manufacturers around the world for sealing electrical
                                                   wires and harnesses systems.

                                                   More Choice
                                                   D-EASY feedthroughs are available in a variety of sizes and
                                                   configurations to provide exceptional seal integrity in new and
                FAST AND FLEXIBLE                  retrofit applications. The grommets can also be customized
                • 96 times faster on final         for new wiring configurations and retrofit applications.
                  assembly line compared to the
                  old potting version.             Easy to Use
                • Ability to add or remove cables  Featuring     removable     seal    fittings   for   bundle
                • Easy in situ installation
                  and repair                       and  wire  repairs  in  aerospace  applications,  D-EASY
                                                   feedthroughs allow rework of the seal in situ, without wire
                RELIABLE                           removal, and are available with or without shielding protection
                • Provides excellent seal integrity   and accessory interfaces.
                • Repeatable sealing performance
                •  Reinforced fuel-resistant
                  version available

                • Wide range of housings, gland
                  seals, grommets, and
                  sealing plugs
                • Choice of unshielded or
                  shielded, with or without
                • Grommets for single and
                  multi-wire harnesses and
                  power feeders

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