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Thin-Wall Technology Allows

          You To Do More With Less

          C-Lite cables use advanced thin-wall insulation and jacket technology to reduce the size and weight of
          cables—without reducing the electrical or mechanical properties. In large scale applications, such as

                                                                Smaller Size

                                                                Compared to traditional cables, C-Lite cable provides the
                                                                following benefits from an installation viewpoint:

                                                                •  Installs quicker into the vessel or module (customer
                                                                 installations have shown that the cables can be routed 30%
                                                                 faster than traditional cable)
                                                                •  Permits tighter bend radii
                                              Thin wall
                                                                •  Requires smaller cable tray and ancillaries (which also reduce
                    Standard wall
                                                                 installation time and physical purchase cost)
                                                                •  Allows more equipment to be connected within the same

          Environmental Ruggedness                              Reduced Weight

          •  Provides less combustible material in the event of a fire  The reduced weight of C-Lite cable:

          •  Generates less smoke than traditional materials during a fire  •  Delivers more freedom to provide additional production
                                                                 equipment on the installation
           the bedding and sheathing materials which also comply with   •  Allows more densely populated installations on cable trays
           the requirements of NEK606)                           designed for traditional cable products

          •  Fluid- and oil-resistant cable components provide peace of   •  May allow the use of less steel in the superstructure or allow
           mind                                                  higher design safety margins

          All these benefits will become                         The Full Range of C-Lite Cables:
          more important as:
                                                                •  Multiconductor, Multipair, Multitriple, Quad
          •  Drilling depths increase worldwide
                                                                •  Unshielded, Foil Shielded, Braid Shielded
          •  Deck space and footprint size become more important as
                                                                •  Armored or Unarmored
           more systems become automated
                                                                •  150/250 V for Signal Applications
                                                                •  600/1000 V for Power Applications

                                                                •  Metric and AWG Conductor Sizes Available
                                                                •  Cables from 0.5 to 10 mm2

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