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Reduce the Wall Thickness,

             Not the Performance

             C-Lite cables use TE’s advanced materials technology to deliver a thin-wall insulation that
             dramatically reduces the size and weight of cables – without reducing the electrical or
             mechanical properties

              1  Modular Chain
                                                        Expertise in polymer chemistry allows TE to create thin-wall

                                                        polymers to ensure performance equivalent to or exceeding

                                                        comparable thick-wall cables.

                                                        Radiation cross-linking allows thinwall insulation and jacket

              2  Crosslinking                           our C-Lite CL105 and CL105FR cables. Cross-linked materials
                                                        are known for being physically rugged even at elevated

                                                        excellent resistance to fluids and chemicals.

                                                        TE pioneered cross-linked insulation for wire and cable,

                                                        initially for the aerospace industry. To achieve cross-linking, a
                                                        polymer product is exposed to high-energy radiation. This is

              3  Crosslinked Molecular Chain            generally done by exposure to high-energyelectron beta

                                                        radiation using an electron beam.

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